Keller minimal windows® floor solution and pivot entrance door will be displayed at Architect@Work London

Keller minimal windows®, a leading global designer and manufacturer of innovative, virtually frameless, aluminum window and door systems, will showcase the latest solutions and innovations at Architect@Work in London, on March 22 & 23.

The Architect@Work London 2023 is the exclusive trade event for architects and interior designers, will be held at The Truman Brewery on 22 & 23 March 2023. Show features over 200 products and services, and hosts a panel discussion program and an exhibition dedicated to the 2023 theme "Energy & Ecosystems".


Keller minimal windows ® will showcase two innovations: floor solution and pivot door.

pivot door is an oversized custom-made door which rotates on a vertical axis and can open inwards and outwards. This makes it visually distinct from standard doors, which are attached via hinges to an adjacent wall. 

The pivot can be fully integrated into the minimal windows® system, allowing a huge variety of creative combinations in both fixed and sliding options. These elements all fit seamlessly into the same outer frames. The unique door construction is available in exceptionally large sizes, bestowing a truly unique and sophisticated look and feel.

The development of the KELLER pivot door began in 2015 and mass production in 2017.

The initial task was to integrate the magnetic socket for pivoting door system minimalist profiles so that the door merges with the glazing around it and does not differ in any way from the glass and profile of the conjoint glass wall.

1st  PIVOT door on the market with magnetic weather seal innovation.

The first revolutionary Keller minimal windows® pivot door series had the unique magnetic weather seal at the top end and the base ensuring exceptional sealing.

When closed, the seal snaps up and covers the gap between glass door sections, preventing any water leakage. In addition, the door has been subjected to stringent security testing, so excellent burglary protection, up to class Rc2, can be verified.

The large, imposing doorways can be configured in multiple design options, as single or double openings. The pivot axis can be configured from the outer perimeter to the center of the doorway.

Closing speed and resistance is adjustable and the design includes a hold-open mechanism for effortless, user-friendly operation. The invisible stainless-steel pivot bearings at the top end and base guarantee smooth pivoting action.

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Keller minimal windows® pivot door designed by Zaha Hadid Architects

floor solution design with new aesthetics in mind and smooth navigation.

The threshold "floor" is recessed and invisible, the rails can be covered with natural stone, marble, or wood, or even as a special "CD" version, covered with a coloured aluminium profile.

Without compromise for the needs, the new “floor” feature ensures:

  • Easy maintenance and cleaning of the rail
  • Optimal sliding
  • Thermal break of frame and sash
  • Ergonomic, reliable and secure locking

Only the central interlock of 26mm remains visible. In short, remarkable aesthetics, durable opening comfort, certified performances:

  • Air - up to C4. Water - up to 8A. Wind - up to C5
  • Uw ≥ 0,7 W/m2K
  • Security - up to RC2
Keller minimal windows FLOOR
Keller minimal windows FLOOR
bevel extension iq uk minimal windows pivot
Keller minimal windows® floor solution and pivot entrance door will be displayed at Architect@Work London

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