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Integrated Accessories

To design the ideal living space with Keller minimal windows®, we can include a range of integrated accessories to augment an exceptional quality of life.

A wide assortment of options is available. Motorization, top-quality glazing, insect protection, plus extra safety and security features. Our integrated design solutions with add-ons from our line of luxury accessories, refine your Keller minimal windows® systems for optimal comfort.


Our minimal windows® systems come in various color options, so you may select the exact anodized shade you prefer. In addition to anodized options, we offer a range of palettes (RAL, IGP, DB) for the powder coating.

Insect Screens

Keller minimal windows® offers system-integrated, tailor-made insect screens for effortless, long-term protection against unwanted guests. The insect screens are virtually invisible, so the plissé or fly-screens options ensure an almost unhindered view. The screen color can be matched to the color of the frame. The insect screens can be fully retracted into the frame, sideways, or upwards, completely concealed, when not in use.

Accessories Insect Protection

Glass Safety Balustrades

Floor-to-ceiling window openings require fall protection. Key factors in their construction* are strength, stability and the suitability of materials. The Keller minimal windows® guardline glass balustrades combine outstanding quality and safety with elegant design. Seamless mounting techniques allow the balustrades to integrate flawlessly architectural elements.

*Country-specific regulations must be observed

Accessories Guardline

Motorized Sliding Leaf System

Customized system configuration allows for a range of concealed electric drives and locks for optimal ease of operation. Motorized sliding leaf systems function via effortless remote-control operation, and can be integrated with infrared detectors, or a manual dead-man’s switch. A single motor can noiselessly deploy several sliding sections, with a combined weight of up to 2.400 kg. This allows automated, telescopic operation, which can open large surface areas. We endeavor to design the slimmest solutions, combining top-quality minimalistic design with optimal functionality.

Villa Germany Minimal Windows

High-Quality Profiles, Incorporating Customized Glazing

Keller minimal windows® allows all their partners the freedom to adapt glass options to their exact requirements. The single, double or triple glass insulation is then mounted seamlessly into our aluminum frames.

Keller minimal windows® clients and partners select the thermal insulation values (Uw value), which is jointly determined by the glazing value (Ug value) and glazing rim-to-edge value (PSI value).

Partners, architects and owners have a wide choice of glass options:

  • Single glazing
  • Double glazing
  • Triple glazing
  • HEAT MIRROR® sun-reflective glass
  • P4A safety glass (anti-burglary glass)
  • Noise insulation
  • Bullet-resistant glass
  • Privacy-tempered glass, including, or excluding sandblasting
  • Decorative glass
  • Glass-to-glass corners, insulation glass
  • Switchable glass with transparency control (privacy glass)
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