Made-to-measure aluminium windows

minimal windows®.. MAXIMUM VIEW!

Aluminium windows

On account of their high quality aluminium windows belong to the top class in window manufacturing.

There is a reason why the façades of modern buildings are constructed of large glass areas and aluminium profiles. Window constructions that used to be considered impossible can be implemented according to the present state of the art and with the aid of aluminium windows.

Aluminium windows: stand in a light-flooded room and enjoy the feeling of freedom.


The flexibility, robustness and static properties of aluminum window constructions allow large-scale frames equipped with most minimal profiles. Where PVC windows need a mullion, aluminum offers the possibility to build outsized, large glass surfaces.

Large aluminum windows offer maximum views with minimal subdivisions by profiles.

Optimized production processes and the high competence of KELLER minimal windows® in aluminum profile manufacturing set new standards in window and façade construction.

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