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BAU 2023: Next Generation Sliding system design and more to explore at our booth in April 2023 in Munich

Keller minimal windows®, a leading global designer and manufacturer of innovative, virtually frameless, aluminum window and door systems, will showcase the latest solutions and innovations at BAU trade show in Munich, from April 17 to 22.


BAU is the world’s leading trade fair for architecture and construction. It features materials, technology and systems for commercial and residential construction and interior work for both new-build and modernization and renovation on more than 200,000 square meters of exhibition space. It covers the complete range of state-of-the-art technology in the international building industry and concentrates on topics that are shaping and moving the industry.

Next Generation Sliding system - pacing technologies in the pipeline

Ever since we developed our first high-end and virtually frameless aluminum minimal windows® system in 2007, Keller minimal windows® has never ceased to innovate and continues to develop solutions that respond to ever-changing market trends and demands.

The revolutionary and complete redesign of the framework of the Next Generation Sliding minimal windows® system, unifying application for various glazing parameters - is in the focus of the KELLER Development Centre this year.

All parts, from connections to seals, from profiles to sliding parts are to be practically reinvented. We are braced for presenting these innovations and design to a wide audience during BAU 2023 in April 2023 in Munich and to intensify the discussion on trends and market demands to include this into the new development.

Keller minimal windows® NGS is a unified design of the Next Generation minimalistic sliding systems, optimized for different thicknesses of glass and applicable to various types of glazing and the combination of its elements.


Four series consolidation in One system, One design, One build

Sustainable background, unique high-end mechanical systems with no limitations for weight and height: up to jumbo glass size leaves.

  • Innovation embedded with numerous IP pending.
  • Enhanced structural design.
  • Hidden frames and elements, maximal reduced sight lines for a unique minimalist experience – aesthetic design and operation, while maintaining a high level of security.
  • Easy to clean integrated drainage system.
  • Special low-noise movement feature.
  • Enhanced stability and tightness of joints.
  • Advanced insulation values – thermally and acoustically optimized.
  • Barrier-free threshold solution.
  • Secure and fast installation, as well as sealing processes.
Keller minimal windows Next Generation Sliding system BAU 2023

KELLER Next Generation Sliding system design will be shown at BAU 2023, in April 2023 in Munich

BAU guided tours for partners, architects, and student groups to explore Keller minimal windows® solutions for modern private architecture

Dedicated to our customers we provide face to face guided tours of the product range displayed at the Keller minimal windows® exquisite booth at BAU 2023.

During specialized tours at the world's leading trade fair for architecture and construction, we will showcase our solid technical expertise and inspiration in design and contemporary private architecture to clients from all over the world.

Next Generation solutions for next generation architects – Keller minimal windows® sustainability roadmap and innovations will be introduced to groups of students of architecture schools. It also determines our company culture: we innovate products and services making a positive difference, staying committed to the long-term interests in continuously sustainable aluminum production:

  • Sourcing aluminum with low carbon footprint, and from ASI rated extrusion facilities,
  • Sourcing thermal break bars with C2C rating „GOLD“,
  • Member of the Circular Economy Association A/U/F to ensure a closed loop recycling of aluminum.

Many more novelties to be shown, and special programs to welcome our guests at BAU 2023 to be announced.

Book your guest pass by Keller minimal windows to visit us at the BAU 2023.