The Launch of the Keller minimal windows® pivot door

September 01 2021

Keller minimal windows® launches its custom-designed aluminum minimal windows® pivot door. Opening a door suddenly becomes a statement of style. Explore the wealth of possibilities this exquisite visual masterpiece can provide for your dream home.

Keller minimal windows® is excited to announce the launch of a truly extraordinary visual masterpiece to enhance your dream home. Discover our minimal windows® aluminum pivot door, custom-designed especially for you. Opening a door suddenly becomes a statement of style.

The impressive door construction opens inwards or outwards. It can be custom-designed to fit extremely large door openings, lending your home an exceptional and luxurious look and feel. We utilize the natural strength of aluminum to create a stylishly slim frame, double or triple glazing fully integrable into our minimal window systems. 

bevel extension iq uk minimal windows pivot

No Limitations 

This innovative addition to the minimal windows® product range enables Keller minimal windows® to broaden its portfolio. This exceptional frameless addition to our range is a truly unique and exceptional design. Simply incorporate this style statement into our existing minimal windows® installations.

Our minimal window® pivot door element can be installed in large sizes, up to a maximum height of 3m, and maximum width of 1.8m. An oversized door adds a unique, imposing and luxurious eminence to your home.

“This system element integrates fully into the overall architectural design and is virtually invisible. We are proud to add this new flexible, high-quality solution to our product range”, explains Ferdinand Braun, Sales & Marketing Director at Keller minimal windows®. 
“The open glass wall establishes an entirely new structural perception, providing architects with many more options for realizing their visions”, he adds.

The position of the rotary leaf axis can be configured for maximum flexibility. “You can decide whether you want to place the axis on almost the outer rim which or diverge from it by placing it in the middle. Architects and customers can let their imaginations run wild by selecting any conceivable integration into the various double-glazed and triple-glazed systems. There are no limitations.”

Ferdinand Braun

Superior Comfort & Functionality

The unique magnetic weather seal ensures an exceptionally tight seal and is mounted frame integrated at the top and base. The integrated pivot door drainage system is connected to that of the connected minimal windows® sliding or fixed elements, to ensure perfect run-off. 
Hold-open and self-closing mechanisms are fully profile integrated, to ensure maximum ease of use.

If you would like further technical details on our pivot door, please click here