Design sliding system permanently driving-rain-tight

KELLER minimal windows®4+ design sliding systems achieve an outstanding driving rain tightness according to the EN 12208 standard with over 1,050 Pascal.

Wind velocities up to 150 km/h


1,050 Pascal correspond to the high wind pressure of 105 kg/m² element area with simultaneous spray irrigation.

KELLER AG has an in-house, certified test centre on which the corresponding performance tests can be carried out according to international standards and under the supervision of a recognised test institute. Tests on the test stand show up all the strengths of every construction, but they also ruthlessly expose its weaknesses.

The KELLER minimal windows®4+ design sliding windows and doors feature structurally complex sealing technology. The use of high-quality seals guaranties top-class wind, air and driving rain tightness while at the same time ensuring low-friction, easy movement of the sliding leaf.

This was confirmed in impressive fashion in the performance tests that have just been carried out.

Our own targets were well exceeded with absolutely top values, in particular for the driving rain tightness, and values were achieved that have no equal in large-sized sliding systems:

Driving rain tightness (> 1,050 Pa)
Class E1050 (wind velocities of 150 km/h), wind force 12+ (severe hurricane)
in accordance with EN 12208

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In the same test the well-known maximum values for air permeability and resistance to wind load
were confirmed in impressive fashion:


Air permeability
Class 4 according to EN 12207

Resistance to wind load
Class C5 according to EN 12210

wind speeds > 200 km/h,
wind loads up to 2,000 Pa (200 kg/m²)


Wind, air and driving rain tightness is rapidly gaining in significance in these times of climatic change (heavy rain, storm gusts). The facade of a building is exposed to constant stress through wind and rain. The higher a window is installed in a building, the greater its resistance must be to wind loads, driving rain and draughts.

In reaching the 1,050 Pascal limit and with certification to Class E1050, KELLER AG has set new standards in driving rain tightness for design sliding doors and windows.

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