The perfect glazing for the swimming pool and the pool house

Verglasung Schwimmbad

The perfect glazing for the swimming pool and the pool house

Large glazed areas give the room an expansiveness and thus generate a feeling of relaxation and openness. The glazing in the swimming pool can be implemented as a combination of fixed elements and sliding leaves. KELLER minimal windows® is a sliding window system with frameless glass fronts that allows an equally undisturbed view of the outside in both the closed and open state.

Sliding systems for the swimming pool offer the advantage that they can be opened completely or only partly, just as you wish or need. Thermally isolated aluminium profiles are installed flush with the ceiling, walls and floor and glide silently and comfortably into the desired position when opening and closing. Thanks to modern technologies, even very large glass areas don't represent any restriction nowadays and can meet the highest demands. In addition, highly insulated glazing achieves top values for thermal insulation, security and statics. Sliding door systems of the type minimal windows® thus contribute decisively to your conscious enjoyment of every valuable moment at any time of day and any time of the year. It's precisely these moments of relaxation that allow people to recharge their batteries and top up with fresh energy.

It's indisputable that minimal windows® glazing from KELLER, in addition to the highest standards in relation to mature functionality, also enhances the entire building through its puristic design and thus creates double added value for the swimming pool.

Glazing Swimming pool

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