Samuel, Remy und Dirk

Vision, Pillars and Commitment

At Keller minimal windows®, our vision, pillars and commitment drive our thinking and define our role in the industry. It also determines our company culture.


Our Commitment – Why We Exist

We are committed to enhancing your luxury living space by seamlessly blurring any boundaries between the interior and the exterior spaces. Our designs create exceptional, unique living environments. Sophisticated design crafting extraordinary spaces, without compromising on functionality and performance. Dedicated to our customers we strive to be reliable and provide outstanding customer experience and support.

Our Vision – The Future

Continuous development of our product range and custom-made solutions provides you with maximum flexibility to execute your creations. Our experience and expertise strike the perfect balance between minimalistic aluminum design, oversizing installations, and stability.

Our Pillars – A Solid Basis 

  • Ambition: to secure our long-term vision, we continuously set fresh goals and objectives, which makes us the innovative market standard.
  • Resourcefulness: we have recognized each and every individual’s value and contribution for 15 years. We will uphold this approach to innovation, to achieve continued successes.
  • Team spirit: our team functions coherently to achieve its goals, ensuring that we all move in a common direction.
  • Reliability: we are experts in our field and are committed to setting, and achieving, the highest possible standards

Who we are

We are a leading global designer and manufacturer of innovative, high-end, virtually frameless, aluminum window and door systems. Our quest is to create perfection, yet still meet the most extreme, ambitious specifications, thereby providing reliable long-term functionality. Although we provide a global service, we strongly believe that the personal touch is central to success.