KMW Company

Company Milestones

  • 2021 | Modernization of our Facilities in Luxembourg

We upgraded our production plant, warehouse and training center facilities to ensure that our products and service quality are continuously evolving. We invest in the best, so we can focus on our core business, minimal windows® in the B2B sector.


  • 2020 | Keller minimal windows® Joins the AluK Group

Keller minimal windows® joins the AluK group to reinforce and expand its global market presence. A match made in heaven, as it combines solid technical expertise and professional experience with robust financial back-up, ensuring a resilient supply chain.


  • 2018 | Introduction of the minimal windows® pivot

Our minimal windows® pivot door is a unique addition to our product range. The pivot door opens booth inwards or outwards. It is the first pivot which can be fully integrated into our minimalistic window system and the first of its kind to hit the market. It can be combined with any of the minimal windows® systems.


  • 2018 | Introduction of the minimal windows® guardline

Floor-to-ceiling windows require the mandatory installation of fall arrest barriers. Our fully integrated glass balustrade solution offers maximum safety in an elegant, minimalistic design.


  • 2016 | Introduction of minimal windows® freeway

We introduce the minimal windows® freeway system. Its no-threshold profile rails ensure a level surface, allowing seamless access between exterior and interior, without obstacles or boundaries.


  • 2015 | Introduction of minimal windows® curve

Keller minimal windows® introduces the first curved sliding window elements offering maximum flexibility for realizing modern architectural concepts.


  • 2015 | minimal windows®4+ Achieves the Maximum Sound-Reduction Index of 43 dB

Our minimal windows®4+ system successfully tested it for the maximum level of sound insulation, guaranteeing a luxurious sense of well-being.


  • 2013 | Introduction of minimal windows® highline

To create exceptionally elegant full-surface glass facades between floors, Keller minimal windows® developed the minimal windows® highline system.


  • 2013 | minimal windows®4+ hi certified as MINERGIE®-Module Sliding Window

Our minimal windows®4+ hi system can now be referred as a certified MINERGIE®-P sliding door/window. This certification verifies that the structural build meets the highest technological requirements. Specifically, in terms of thermal prevention, condensation, and sealing functionality, as well as a superior price-performance ratio.


  • 2013 | minimal windows® Achieves A Maximum Sound-Reduction Index of 36 dB

Our minimal windows® system successfully tests for maximum level of sound insulation, guaranteeing a luxurious sense of well-being.


  • 2012 | minimal windows® Burglar Resistance Class 2

Your security is a priority. Tests performed on our minimal windows® products, especially the locking system, ensure that our products hold up against break-in attempts.


  • 2011 | Introduction of minimal windows®4+

In response to the ever-increasing demand for energy-optimized window systems, we developed the certified Keller minimal windows®4+ aluminum sliding window system for low-energy standard requirements.


  • 2008 | Expansion of our Distribution Network 

We are continuously growing our exclusive network with accredited and highly-qualified distribution partners. Keller minimal windows® products have already been installed in more than 20 countries. Without the professional, high-quality expertise provided by our partners, we would not be where we are today.


  • 2007 | First minimal windows® System Installed

Keller minimal windows® developed and installed its first frameless double-glazed aluminum sliding window system. Our mission is to enhance modern residential architecture by infusing living spaces with maximum natural illumination. 

Our Vision, Pillars and Commitment

Our quest is to illuminate your luxury living space by designing and manufacturing superior solutions and creating exceptional, unique home environments. Our vision is clear. We strive to provide maximum flexibility, while still delivering on our commitment.


Samuel, Remy und Dirk