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minimal windows® curve

Exclusive Home Design

The minimal windows® curve range consist of rounded glass elements, making it possible to create innovative structural contours and curved outlines. The unusual custom-made silhouettes open up a whole new world of possibilities for architectural design. The minimal windows® curve range lends a fascinating, flowing, sometimes futuristic, feel to avant-garde structures. Each configuration expresses exceptional craftsmanship. Keller minimal windows® harnesses the technical expertise and talent of its team to create elements that allow architects and designers a free reign, letting their imaginations take flight. The minimal windows® curve elements are specially made for each project, so every single creation is truly unique.


Countless aesthetic constructions, crafted from combinations of straight and curved minimal windows® elements, are possible. The fixed and sliding window options offer flexible design choices, providing creative design freedom and the same superior functionality. The curved glass units are fashioned in kiln baths, so that they are a perfect fit for our custom-made aluminum frame constructions. 

The flowing contours and subtle transitions allow maximum natural light to infuse any living environment. Generous dimensions, of up to 4.5 m in height, allow the installation of curved elements with a minimum radius of 4 meters. The curved, glazed sections can be opened and closed with ease.

Key features & benefits
KMW curved slider Stephan Offermann
Large, curved fixed and sliding sections

The combination of large straight and curved minimal windows®, both fixed and sliding windows, unlocks countless possibilities for architects and planners when they’re designing your dream home. 

kmw villa sbg minimal windows 4+
Flexible integration in all minimal windows® ranges

The rounded glass elements can be integrated into single, double and triple Keller minimal windows® systems. These can be combined with any of the other system elements, to create a continuous glass facade. Innumerable configuration options will satisfy even the most imaginative designer.

KMW curved slider miysis
Flawless transition from the interior to the exterior

The curved outer frames can be entirely recessed into walls, ceilings and floors. The bottom of the outer frame, with integrated stainless-steel sliding rails, is flush with the floor.

Wind House Kumasol Netherlands minimal windows curve
Drainage integrated into the system

Every minimal windows® curved system is subjected to individual wind load and waterproofing tests. Our drainage system is adapted to the shape of the curved installation, guaranteeing exceptional water run-off and drainage.

Technical specifications
Min. radius for sliding leaves
4,000 mm
Min. radius for fixed leaves
1,000 mm
Maximum leaf height
4,5 m
Maximum leaf width
dependent on radius
Maximum sliding leaf weight for double-glazing
500 kg
Maximum sliding leaf weight for triple-glazing
1,000 kg
3D kmw curve technical specifications
kmw download area computer screen rawpixel

Architects, planners and homeowners adore the abundance of design options available when employing our premium minimalist systems. Our engineers are exceptionally detail-oriented, paying attention to every single design element. We strive for perfection. Detailed technical information and drawings can be found on our download portal. 



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