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Continuous Fixed Glass Facades

Keller minimal windows® highline solutions combine ultra-slim aluminum profiles with fixed glass elements for large, aesthetically appealing glass-only facades. Sweeping views are entirely unobstructed, due to massive fixed glass elements, up to 18m² in dimension.



Frameless glass facades accentuate the unequivocal minimalism of contemporary residential and commercial architecture. The flush-mounted fixed glass elements can be installed as a stand-alone fixed system, or effortlessly combined with our minimal windows® double-glazed and triple-glazed sliding elements. 

The minimal windows® highline series has three options for distinctive structural design, to cover various structural stability requirements.  Glass-to-glass, semi-structural-glazed and cover-cap look.

Key features & benefits
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Aluminum-free profiles guarantee unobstructed views

The glass-to-glass variant guarantees entirely unobstructed views, with a maximum dimension 12 m². The fixed elements are bonded directly, without structural aluminum profiles. The only visible element is the 10 mm butt joint of the structural glaze (SG) join.

minimal windows highline semi structural glazed
The aluminum profile is only visible from the interior

The semi-structural-glazed (SG) variant is more stable, due to its 22 mm aluminum static interior profile. An expansive surface dimension of a maximum of 18 m² is possible. The exterior still has a glass-to-glass facade. UV-resistant silicone adhesives fix the insulated profile to the bonded glass panes. The only visible element is the structural glazed (SG) 20 mm butt joint, from the exterior.

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Aluminum profile visible from the interior and exterior

Our classic cover-cap look features extended stability via a 22mm aluminum static profile on the inside and a 22 mm cover-cap profile on the outside*, which allows for a maximum glass leaf surface of 18 m². UV-resistant silicone adhesives fix the insulated profile to the bonded glass panes. Fixed glass elements can be configured together with sliding glass elements, ensuring a seamless appearance via the exterior cover-cap profile.
*34 mm, triple-glazed option

Technical specifications
Profile facing width
22 mm double-glazed, 34 mm triple-glazed
Maximum leaf area
up to 18 m²
Maximum leaf weight
1000 kg
Thermal transmission coefficient
up to Uw ≥ 0,70 W/(m²K)
Overall insulation glass thickness
depending on glazing
Air permeability
Class 4 according to EN 12207
Resistance to rain penetration
Class 7A according to EN 12208
Resistance to wind loads
up to Class C5 according to EN 12210
Sound insulation
up to 45 dB achievable
Burglary protection
Up to WK2 (RC2) according to EN 1627
highline cover-cap look
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Architects, planners and homeowners adore the abundance of design options available when employing our premium minimalist systems. Our engineers are exceptionally detail-oriented, paying attention to every single design element. We strive for perfection. Detailed technical information and drawings can be found on our download portal. Registration is free. 



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