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minimal windows®4+

Superior Thermal Comfort

The simple beauty of minimalistic design, with no compromise on functionality and comfort, is made possible by our wide range of products. The premium triple-glazed, sliding- and fixed-window series minimal windows®4+, allows the installation of oversized glass surfaces, so you can enjoy extraordinary open-feel living environments with light-infused interiors and unobstructed views. This product allows ambitious architects to transform innovative visions into exquisite reality.

Our highly-insulated minimal windows®4+ solution, makes it possible to create oversized glass surfaces, with a maximum leaf height of 6 m and a total weight of 1.000kg. They are especially suited to low-energy, passive houses, and in line with the latest extremely energy-efficient standards.


High-quality insulated glass panes ensure massive energy savings, reaching Uw values of ≥ 0.70 W/m²K. At the same time, they can also be very effective in terms of wind resistance, resisting any wind load required according to the applicable standards.

The frame profiles, with excellent thermal insulation, are reduced to the minimum, and can be fully integrated into floors, walls and ceilings. A minimal leaf profile facing width of only 26 to 34 mm can be achieved.

With our triple-glazed minimal windows®4+ system, your imagination is your only limit. A wealth of design options is available to architects, planners and homeowners. You can choose from glass-to-glass expanses along both interiors and exteriors, pivot elements, open corners, as well as curved profiles with flowing contours. The minimalist look-and-feel is rounded off with seamless wall-inlets (pockets), for the most extensive view possible.

Key features & benefits
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Maximum function and performance

Glass windows and doors are the construction elements through which the most heat escapes. The less effective the insulation, the greater the heat-loss in the form of thermal transmission, heat convection and heat radiation. Our triple-glazed minimal windows®4+ system was created as an energy-saving product. It prevents heat escaping from the interior to the exterior, even in extremely energy-efficient, low-energy passive houses.

detached villa glass Ceyssens Belgium minimal windows 4+
Open-expanse living spaces, endless glass surfaces

The reinforced, yet virtually invisible, aluminum frame profiles are reduced to their bare minimum to allow seamless integration into floors, ceilings and walls. The outer frames are almost completely integrated into the wall, creating unified glass dimensions. A single sliding leaf section can have dimensions of up to 12 m². Unified glass expanses maximize natural light, and the result is a sense of seamless, boundless, open space.

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 Maximum acoustic insulation and noise reduction

Noise reduction might be a high priority, depending on where you live. In addition to optimized energy-efficiency, our minimal windows®4+ triple-glazed system also provides excellent acoustic insulation and noise reduction of up to 43 dB. Naturally, we guarantee maximum security and system stability. Tested under extreme conditions, with wind loads up to 200 km/h, our systems hold up admirably.

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Seamless transition from the interior to the exterior

Minimum rolling resistance for sliding sections is guaranteed. This smooth functionality is made possible by our high-quality stainless-steel, sliding-rail track system.
One-track to three-track installations are fully concealed within the floors. When the sliding doors are open, the flush-with-the-floor profile rails have no protruding elements, so there are no visible boundaries. It creates seamless transitions with obstacle-free accessibility.

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Effortless operation

Our specially-developed locking and automation systems are high-performance products. Functional convenience, superior security and excellent durability live up to extremely high standards. Powerful electric motors, with a tensile force of up to 2,400 kg, move the sliding sections effortless and silently. To ensure operational convenience, various modes and functions, such as room switch, remote-control, fully-automatic dead-man switch, and laser sensor-operation can be selected.

Technical specifications
Profile facing width
26 or 34 mm
Maximum leaf width
4 m
Maximum leaf height
6 m
Thermal transmission coefficient
Uw ≥ 0,70 W/m²K
Maximum leaf area fix
up to 18 m²
Maximum leaf area sliding
up to 12 m²
Maximum leaf weight
1,000 kg
Overall insulation glass thickness
40 up to 56 mm
Automated sliding leaf
yes up to 2,400 kg
Obstacle-free accessibility
DIN 18040-1, DIN 18040-2
Air permeability
class 4 according to EN 12207
Rain penetration resistance
class 7A according to EN 12208
Wind load resistance
class C5 according to EN 12210
Sound insulation
Rw (C; Ctr) up to 43 dB (1-;-5)
Burglary protection
up to WK2 (RC2) according to EN 1627
3D minimal windows triple-glazed rendering
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Architects, planners and homeowners have a wide choice of premium minimalist system options. Our engineers are exceptionally detail-oriented, paying attention to every single design element. We strive for perfection. Detailed technical information and drawings can be found on our download portal. Registration is free. 


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