moats corner thermeco minimal windows

Moat’s Corner House

A Luxury, Contemporary House Nestled Within Stunning Gardens

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Moat’s Corner draws on an inspired vision, while committing to its established setting. Refined to a point of tranquil precision, the home is an interactive haven, where daily life interacts with the pungent energy of the location. The site’s layered history began with a pioneering family, after whom Moat’s Corner is named. 

A driveway lined with gnarled cypress trees is a historic clue, divulging the identity of the original settlers of this rural property, located near a coastal town on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula. The next occupant was an avid botanist, who spent almost 70 years cultivating and collecting plants, resulting in an extraordinary landscape, with a vast assortment of flora planted across 5 acres of the 53-acre stretch.

moats corner thermeco minimal windows
moats corner thermeco minimal windows
moats corner thermeco minimal windows
Moat’s Corner by Vibe Design Group

Connection to the Landscape

Moat’s Corner House is all about connecting with the surrounding landscape, without compromising on functionality. The elevated position of the home, and the way it is structured, makes it into an observation gallery, from which one immediately interacts with the surrounding gardens and landscape. The extensive, sweeping panoramas, made possible by our minimal windows®, inspires maximum interaction. All of the interior spaces were designed to flow freely into the exterior, with no division between the various zones, which merge seamlessly with the exquisite garden.

moats corner thermeco minimal windows

The Perfect Balance Between Natural Light and Materials

The interior spaces, as well as the various elements, bear witness to an honesty of material expression, by displaying an exposed structural form with minimal ornamentation. Our expansive minimalistic sliding sections reveal light-infused spaces on every level. When open, our minimal windows® freeway system allows unobstructed accessibility, entirely without boundaries. A seamless no-threshold transition from interiors to exteriors, with no annoying transitional elements. This produces the sensation that you are in the garden when you’re actually indoors.

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moats corner thermeco minimal windows
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