silver linings thermeco minimal windows

Silver Linings

Contemporary Concrete-and-Glass Villa

A monochrome material palette consisting only of grey and silver lining boards. Controlled minimalism that is honest, raw and robust. The natural environment enhances this home with wafting Australian sea breezes and abundant natural light, as minimal windows® helps to forge meaningful connections between people and the planet.

silver linings thermeco minimal windows
silver linings thermeco minimal windows
silver linings thermeco minimal windows
Silver Linings by Rachcoff Vella

Australian Sea Breeze

Situated in the dunes of Bayside Melbourne, and nestled between grass, sand and driftwood, this incredibly complex modern home is built on a tight block. The construction spans from boundary to boundary.

The challenging concrete-style home was five years in the making. The original concept dictated the use of a limited number of raw materials, prioritized handmade design, while remaining faithful to minimalist design principles.

silver linings thermeco minimal windows

Flooded with Natural Light


Tony Vella, director of Rachcoff Vella Architecture: “The minimalist architecture and interiors were conceived to provide consistency and tranquility for family life, while maximizing on the view, inviting the bay views into the space.”


On the south side, the central north-facing courtyard invites sunlight into its core. Passive design principles and intuitive technology permeate all aspects of the home, maximizing cross-ventilation through resistance-free sliding windows.

The virtually imperceptible aluminum frames from our minimal windows® range makes an interplay of light and material elements on each level and living area possible. Throughout the day and across the seasons, this interchange of light prompts the home to transform and respond accordingly, creating distinctive moods and varying levels of intimacy.

Silver Linings has won several well-deserved design awards, was long-listed in the Dezeen Awards, and featured in Dwell and The Local Project 2020. This exquisite construction is environmentally sustainable, due to integrated systems. It juxtaposes the opposing concepts of solidity and robustness with responsive openness and lightness. Rachcoff Vella Architects successfully brought their clear, focused vision to life, staying true to their commitment to create a cohesive concept, that serves its purpose as a secure and protective family home.

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