minimal windows® curve

minimal windows® curve creates flowing contours and fine transitions without having to do without the desired transparency. The curved minimal windows® sliding elements offer maximum flexibility in the implementation of architectural ideas, even with large dimensions. The curved glazing is smooth running and easy to move. The systems can be equipped with an electric drive if desired. The requirements for thermal and sun protection can be combined perfectly with minimal windows® curve.

The advantages

  • Timeless, reduced design - visually delicate
  • Flexible integration in both minimal windows® series
  • Large, curved fixed and sliding leaves
  • Transition without threshold
  • Different surface designs
  • Drainage integrated in the system
  • Modular system structure
  • High flexibility and user comfort


minimal windows® curve

Min. Radius

4,000 mm for sliding leaves, 1,000 mm for fixed leaves

Maximum leaf height

4,500 mm

Max. leaf widths

dependent on radius

Maximum sliding leaf weight

500 kg for double glazing, 1,000 kg for triple glazing


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