minimal windows®

minimal windows® is a virtually frameless, easy-action sliding window system with a minimalistic facing width of the vertical central profiles of just 21 mm. The system features double insulation glazing in thermal separated aluminium frame profiles.

Facing width from centre point

21 mm

Maximum leaf size

8,5 m²

Maximum leaf size fixed light

18 m²

Maximum leaf height

4 m

Thermal transmission coefficient

Uw ≥ 1,1 W/(m²K)

minimal windows®

Facing width from centre point

21 mm

Maximum leaf size

Up to 8.5 m² / fixed light up to 18 m²

Maximum leaf height

4 m

Maximum leaf weight

500 kg

Glass thickness

26 to 34 mm (insulating double glazing / Heat Mirror®)

Thermal transmission coefficient

Uw ≥ 1.1 W/(m²K) (depending on glass type & dimensions)

Motor drive

Up to 2,000 kg total weight

Barrier-free accessibility

DIN 18040-1, DIN 18040-2

Air permeability

Class 4 according to EN 12207

Driving rain tightness

Class 7A according to EN 12208

Resistance to wind load

Class C4/B5 according to EN 12210

Sound insulation

Up to 39 dB achievable

Security against burglary

Up to WK2 (RC2) according to EN 1627

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