When designing the ideal living space with Keller minimal windows®, adequate attention needs to be given to subjects such as glazing, security, sun shading or insect protection.


Keller minimal windows® supplies high-quality double and triple insulation glass (thermal insulation glass) with LowE-coating. The outstanding thermal insulation values of this glass reduces energy loss. The intermediate space between the panes is filled with Argon or Krypton.

Choose from float glass, LSG laminated safety glass from float, LSG insulation glass from TSG or TSG-glass or combinations thereof according to functional and static requirements.

All partners of the Keller minimal windows® determine the thermal insulation values of the sliding system (Uw value) based on the insulation values of the glazing (Ug value) and glazing rim to the edge (PSI value).

We supply the following special glass types:

  • HEAT MIRROR® sun-reflective glass
  • From P4A on safety glass (anti-burglary glass)
  • Noise insulation glass
  • Bullet-resistant glass
  • Privacy protection glass with or without sandblasting
  • Decorative glass
  • Glass-to-glass corners made of insulation glass
  • Glass with controllable transparency (privacy glass)

Safety accessories

minimal windows® sliding systems are individually designed to customer preferences and installation circumstances. Products such as linear actuators, locking monitors (magnetic contacts), opening and securing sensors, radio control, code switches, etc. complete our range of security accessories and offer enhanced safety.

For enhanced security the system can be fitted with an integrated opening and locking monitoring and connected to standard external monitoring systems.

Sun protection

Large glazed surfaces require appropriate shading methods to protect interiors from overheating. This actively reduces the requirement for cooling in the building and saves energy.

Optimum protection is achieved by electronically controlled venetian blinds which are available in a huge range of colour variants.

Our extensive range of system-integrated sun protection is designed for large dimensions and can be used even in extreme weather conditions.

Insect screens

Especially for large openings KELLER offers system-integrated, tailor-made insect screens for easy and long-term protection. Every installation is different. We use slender, sliding clamping frames with low mounting depth.

The almost-invisible screen is made of high-quality fabric which provides a practically unhindered view outdoors. The insect screen colour can be matched to the colour of the sliding leaf.

The KELLER insect screen is discrete, stable and weatherproof

Glass balustrades

In many building situations, floor-to-ceiling window openings require the attachment of fall protection in an elegant design.
Key factors in construction* are strength, stability and suitability of materials.

KELLER glass balustrades are distinguished by their quality and safety. Invisibly attached, they perfectly blend into the overall architectural surroundings.

*Country-specific regulations should be observed

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