minimal windows® pivot

minimal windows® pivot is an inwardly or outwardly opening pivoted door leaf. The awe-inspiring door construction is available in very large sizes and gives the entrance to your house an impressive look. In the closed state the glass pivoted door integrates itself fully into the entire glass architecture and is virtually invisible. The opened glass wall creates a completely newly structured perception. The pivoting glass wall becomes an exclusive design element. Practical and classy at the same time.


  • Expansive, almost frameless door leaf
  • Inward or outward opening
  • Minimal frame part - invisibly integrated
  • High-quality magnetic sealing strip
  • Flexible integration in both minimal windows® series
  • Transition without a threshold - barrier-free entrance
  • Drainage profile integrated in the system
  • Classy design with door leaves made of glass, aluminium, stainless steel, etc.
  • Various locking options
  • 8 different modular installation variants


minimal windows® pivot

Max. leaf dimensions

W = 1,800 mm x H = 3,000 mm

Max. leaf weight

250 kg (350 kg*)

Distance rotary leaf axis<>stop

From 150 mm to ½ leaf width

Locking in 90° open position


Optional door closer at top


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