The vertical village – an architectural gem

The "Beirut Terraces", located in Beirut's luxurious residential area, is the world's first vertical village concept. The project is regarded as a trailblazer for the future of the city.
The magic words are "vertical compaction", combined with the integration of an indoor-outdoor living experience thanks to extended terraces.

Key facts

Living with a view

Floor-to-ceiling fixed and sliding windows from the minimal windows® trademark ensure that the rooms are bathed in natural light and the inhabitants have a wonderful view of the expansive sea, the nearby mountains and the pulsating city. Vegetation screens installed on the building's terraces provide shade and also guarantee the necessary privacy for each residential unit.

Floor-to-ceiling glazing all round

The indoor and outdoor areas seem to interconnect. The interior and exterior merge to form a single unit thanks to the all-round floor-to-ceiling glazing and the polished concrete of the floors and ceilings, whose materiality and colour are continued outdoors. Open floor plans give complete freedom to the view.



Herzog & de Meuron Basel Ltd.

Iwan Baan Photography B.V.

KELLER Partner 


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