Sliding rail

The high quality stainless steel sliding rail recessed into the lower frame profile guarantees easy-action and silent opening and closing of the glazed leaves. Care and maintenance is reduced to occasional cleaning.

Use of the minimal windows® freeway level profile rails without threshold allows barrier-free access.

Roller carriage

The highlight of the construction is the self-centring, integrated roller carriage concealed in the so-called sliding leaf carriage profile. High-quality stainless steel rollers ensure unparalleled load-stability and easy action in daily use for leaf weights up to 1000 kg.

The roller carriage module's concealed positioning protects it against dirt and very fine dust. The carriage/sliding rail system is a proprietary development by Keller minimal windows®.


The controlled drainage takes place via a specially developed, system-integrated PVC hollow-chamber drainage profile underneath the aluminium outer frame. A concealed system drainage gutter with a stainless steel cover is optionally available. The system achieves outstanding driving rain tightness and sets standards worldwide.

Manual locking

The multipoint locking is concealed inside the sliding leaf’s handle, double vent or junction profile. It is actuated via an elegant design lever with or without cylinder lock. The system can optionally be locked electronically, usually in combination with the motorised drive of the sliding window.


The specially developed locking and automation systems achieve outstanding values with regard to operating convenience and security and offers highest durability.

According to the individual system configuration, concealed electric drives and locks can be used to increase operating comfort. They are controlled either automatically (remote control, home automation adaptations) or manually (dead-man or room switch).

Two motors with V-belt can silently operate several sliding leaves with a combined weight of up to 2400 kg. Window façades with several leaves can be opened telescopically at the push of a button.

Thermal separation

Thanks to their intelligent design, the minimal windows® systems achieve excellent insulation values.
Polyamide central bars in the outer frame guarantee thermal separation and a shear-resistant, torsionally rigid bond.
The leaf frame achieves the best possible insulation with the thermally insulated carriage profile and the all-round polyamide plastic profiles.

The special drainage system with the insulating PVC hollow-chamber profile on the Keller base stone ensures the thermal separation from the base structure.

minimal windows® freeway

The use of the minimal windows® freeway level crossing, threshold-free profile rails fulfils and allows fully barrier-free access resulting in generous enfilades. The new minimal windows® freeway system profile is distinguished by its floor-level sliding rail. It produces a virtually even transition and threshold-free accessibility.

The high quality stainless steel sliding rail guarantees easy-action and silent opening and closing of the sliding leaves.

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