Working on a sustainability roadmap for minimal windows® systems

Keller minimal windows® use aluminum as a core material, which is excellent for the closed material cycle, the so-called Circular Economy, compared to other materials. It can be recycled over and over again with no loss on properties. This helps to save approximately 95% of the energy required for the production of primary aluminum, thereby avoiding associated emissions, including greenhouse gases.

Today we are moving towards responsible production and continue to develop a sustainability roadmap that includes following:

  • Sourcing aluminum with low carbon footprint
  • (EPD available) and from ASI rated extrusion facilities
  • Sourcing thermal break bars with C2C rating „GOLD“
  • Member of the Circular Economy Association A/U/F to ensure a closed loop recycling of aluminum

Recycling in Luxembourg - in the heart of European Union

The one of the largest aluminum remelting operations in Europe - Hydro Aluminum Clervaux - is located a short distance from Keller minimal windows® engineering, testing and manufacturing facilities. Not only the proximity allows Keller to be an active member of collaborative initiatives for a no-waste aluminum cycle but providing our customers with minimalist aluminum windows made responsibly is our target for the near future.

In addition, a lot more aluminum suppliers provide low carbon products these days. Reaching from primary aluminum produced with renewable or zero carbon energy to re-use of aluminum scrap coming back into the recycling loop after up to 30 to 40 years of use e.g., as windows or sliders in buildings.

“The involvement of all interested parties can contribute to achieving 100% metal recycling soon, and we will participate in it to facilitate our Low to Zero Carbon ambition for aluminum. The minimalist aluminum window systems we design emphasis the surrounding nature, so we will actively preserve this maximum view. We design aluminum sliding systems for our partners meeting, ideally even exceeding, environmental needs for energy-efficient buildings.”

 - Werner Jager, Managing Director Keller minimal windows ®

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Keller minimal windows® joins the A|U|F Association

A|U|F was founded in 1994 and resumed its activities in 2010 as a registered association under German law. The German aluminum recycling industry is one of the leaders in Europe, producing around 700,000 tons per year, according to the GDA (“Der Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie e.V.”).

Growing demand for key industrial materials - steel, aluminium, cement and plastics - is a key topic obliging us to pay attention to almost non-waste production. International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasts by 2050, the global demand for these materials is likely to double at least, and treble for aluminum. In the traditional economy, this means an increase in greenhouse gas emissions from production. Consumers are the first to encourage manufacturers to pay more and more attention to protecting the environment.

Over 200 member companies, including architectural offices and planners, suppliers and manufacturers of aluminum building profiles for windows, doors and curtain walling, participate in closed aluminium loop programs designed by A|U|F. 

Membership will allow Keller minimal windows ® to interact with industry companies supporting sustainable manufacturing for residential architecture.


long-term commitment as part of the family ALUK and Valfidus

Global leaders in the design, engineering, and distribution of aluminum windows, doors, and curtain wall solutions, ALuK, Valfidus, as well as Keller minimal windows ®, a member of this proudly owned family business - these companies are one and all striving to support architects shaping that world respecting environmental needs.

Through partnership, companies innovate products and services making a positive difference, when a family run group guarantees a commitment to the long-term interests in continuously sustainable aluminum production.