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Countless window styles, designs and categories are currently available on the market.

Selecting the most appropriate design will make all the difference. Visual appearance and design should not be the only criterion, however. When it comes to the construction of state-of-the-art contemporary homes, minimalist aluminum window and door systems play a vital role. Both material composition and functionality influence the appearance and utility of the various spaces, as well as the overall look and feel. It is also central in determining user-friendliness, accessibility and comfort.

Your minimal windows® aluminum design element selections will ultimately influence the appearance, energy efficiency and look of your entire structure. Our systems expand your aesthetic choices, allowing you to create truly unique, individualized designs. Our high standards and quality criteria ensure that oversize glass solutions, up to 6 meters in height, safely withstand intense weather conditions. Keller minimal windows® continuously develop custom-built solutions that bring your architectural visions to life. 

Just like your, we strive to create perfection. Our products make even the most extreme and ambitious specifications a reality. 

Our systems strike the perfect balance between minimalist aluminum design, modular elements, and stability. The symmetrical, slim-line configuration options, including fixed and sliding elements, is limited only by your imagination. 

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Aluminum, the Perfect Choice for Top-Quality Window Frames? 

Aluminum windows and doors are a popular choice for contemporary buildings. The material delivers enhanced security, weather and temperature insulation and aesthetically pleasing facades:

  • Superior stability & elegant design

Exquisitely slim frames in various color finishes deliver an elegant aesthetic, combined with resilience and strength. It enables you to install expansive glass areas that flood your spaces in luminous natural light. 

  • Durability of components

Aluminum is considerably more resistant to environmental conditions than other materials. Aluminum frames withstand wind loads, snowfall, and resist water. The correct high-end surface treatment ensures that the frame also retains its color and finish.

  • Effortless maintenance

Along with durability, aluminum windows are easy to maintain. Most of our minimal windows® aluminum frames are powder-coated. Frames don’t need to be repainted and the color won’t fade over time.

  • Environmentally-friendly

Aluminum can be recycled 100% without loss of quality, which ensures that its carbon footprint is minimal. Recycling aluminum only requires 5% of the initial energy generated to create it.

Modular Elements with High-Quality Components 

The most distinguishing features of our systems are smooth functionality and modular components.  Adaptable, multi-track sliding options facilitate a multitude of opening and closing systems, providing you with flexibility and additional choices to realize your visions.

To ensure smooth functionality and silent opening and closing, we developed a self-centering, integrated roller carriage concealed in the lower profile of the sliding leaf. Top-quality stainless-steel rollers ensure high load stability and smooth rolling performance, which is why our minimal windows® system is one of the top maintenance-free systems available on the market.

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Not merely ultra-slim, but ultra-size, is also well within our repertoire! We can install sliding glass elements up to 6 meters in height. These oversize glass facades widen your vision and expand on your concepts, creating expansive dimensions without compromising on functionality and smooth functionality. Although we reach for the sky, we remain grounded. We have developed a no-threshold transition fitted flush-to-floor. Together with our open corner technology, it enables us to create imposing, sweeping interiors.

With 15 years’ experience as a global player, we have launched ground-breaking products and executed exceptional projects across the globe. Our successes could not have been achieved without our enthusiastic distribution partners and passionate and visionary architects. Your project is our highest priority, from start to finish. Our minimal windows® system ensures that no vision is impossible to create. We seamlessly integrate our sliding window elements with your unique designs. 

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