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Our solutions

Our virtually frameless fixed and sliding, aluminum windows and doors enhance your luxury living space by creating seamless transitions from interiors to exteriors.

We stand out from our competitors because of our exceptional products and extensive experience. Our highly successful and distinguished projects across the globe, together with state-of-the-art minimalist systems, set into a unique carriage system, is a testament to our expertise and quality.

You may choose from an array of impressive Keller minimal windows® systems and options. These can be configured individually, to suit specific tastes and requirements:

Our Commitment

minimal windows®...MAXIMUM VIEW
We are confident that we have managed to produce the perfect compromise between minimalist material utilization and functionality. Our products exemplify the concept of “less is more”. Our outer frame profiles are reduced to their bare essentials, allowing a glass ratio of up to 98 %. Light can flood your spaces unhindered, maximizing your view.

Oversize Glass Dimensions
Keller minimal windows® fixed and sliding, aluminum windows have been created to enhance custom-built, oversize entryways of up to 4.5 m, for generous open living spaces. We continuously spend time and effort on developing our systems, to make ever-grander glass dimensions, so you can create your special projects.

Endless Options, One System
The huge variety of possible configurations amplify options for your contemporary architectural endeavors. You can create up to four tracks for your sliding systems, in combination with linear, curved, fixed and sliding elements. Select open corners, post-free corners, or pivot doors with obstacle-free transitions. Or combinations of these elements. There are simply no limits to your choices.

Tailor-Made Solutions
Every project is unique. It is adapted to your location and individual environmental conditions. Static values are evaluated by qualified professionals, in order to ensure optimal thermal conditions and safety for your specific living environment. You may select the perfect fit from our range of minimal windows® systems and our extensive selection of RAL or anodized colors, or stainless-steel finishes.