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minimal windows® pivot

A Stylish Door Statement and Super-Smooth Functionality

Our pivot door rotates on a vertical axis. This makes it visually distinct from standard doors, which are attached via hinges to an adjacent wall. Glass pivot doors are currently a popular luxury home design trend for modern residential architecture.


Our minimal windows® pivot is an oversize custom-made door which can open inwards and outwards. The pivot can be fully integrated into the minimal windows® system, allowing a huge variety of creative combinations in both fixed and sliding options. These elements all fit seamlessly into the same outer frames. The unique door construction is available in exceptionally large sizes, bestowing a truly unique and sophisticated look and feel.

The multi-directional design of the pivot allows the door to open in two directions, up to a 90° angle. The door mount is installed onto the floor, with almost imperceptible fixtures. The unique magnetic weather seal at its base and upper end ensures an exceptionally close fit.

Key features & benefits
Stand-alone, or in combination with sliding elements

The pivot can be installed as a stand-alone or integrated seamlessly into our minimal windows® and minimal windows® 4+ sliding systems, fitted within same minimalistic aluminum profiles. This expands your choices and design options when configuring your Keller minimal windows® glass facades.

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Large doorways, smooth pivot mechanism

Our minimal windows® pivot doors can be constructed to a maximum height of 3m and a maximum width of 1.8m, within a single frame. The large, imposing doorways can be configured in multiple design options, as single or double openings. The pivot axis can be configured from the outer perimeter to the center of the doorway. Closing speed and resistance is adjustable and the design includes a hold-open mechanism for effortless, user-friendly operation. The invisible stainless-steel pivot bearings at the top end and base guarantee smooth pivoting action.

3D minimal windows pivot rendering villa Norway
Weather permeability and burglary protection

This system has been fully weather-tested. It meets, or exceeds, all air permeability and water-tightness requirements, as well as wind load resistance. The unique magnetic weather seal at the top end and the base ensures exceptional sealing. When closed, the seal snaps up and covers the gap between glass door sections, preventing any water leakage. In addition, the door has been subjected to stringent security testing, so excellent burglary protection, up to class Rc2, can be verified.

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Fully integrated handles are optional

The various positioning options for the rotary leaf axis offer novel approaches to opening your door, for an entirely original user experience. The vertical part of the frame protrudes, which means that this door element can be used as a handle with no additional hardware needed. An integrated two-point locking system can be operated via a thrust lever or internal/external removable key.

Technical specifications
Maximum leaf dimensions
W = 1,800 mm x H = 3,000 mm
Burglary protection
up to RC 2 according to EN 1627
Rotary leaf lock in 90° open position
Minimum distance rotary leaf axis <> stop
150 mm
Maximum leaf weight minimal windows®
250 kg
Maximum leaf weight minimal windows®4+
350 kg
Maximum distance rotary leaf <> stop
½ leaf width
Horizontal adjustability of lower rotary bearing
+/- 3 mm
Vertical adjustability of upper rotary bearing
+/- 3 mm
Horizontal adjustability of upper rotary bearing
+/- 3 mm
Vertical decoupling of upper rotary bearing <> leaf hinge
Optional door closer and/or door opener, top
Obstacle-free accessibility
DIN 18040-1, DIN 18040-2
Air permeability
up to class 4 according to EN 12207
Water tightness minimal windows®
up to class 6A according to EN 12208
Water tightness minimal windows®4+
up to class 7A according to EN 12208
Resistance to wind loads minimal windows®
up to class C2/B3 according to EN 12210
Resistance to wind loads minimal windows®4+
up to class C3/B4 according to EN 12210
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Suddenly, opening a door becomes a statement of style. Our minimal windows® pivot door can be designed as a stand-alone door or integrated into a double-glazed or triple-glazed system, as per your requirements and preferences. Detailed technical information and certificates for further planning can be found on our download portal. Registration is free.



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